“Kalviu Pakrante” is a settlement located on the shore of a lake and surrounded by pines. The vision of the settlement – delighted families living in nature.

In the village of Ketvergiai, Dovilai municipality, Klaipeda district, UAB Baltic Research has acquired plots of land with a total area of 9.2 ha. The quarter consists of two parts – 12 plots on Tvenkinio Street, as well as the cul-de-sacs of Gerviai, Kiru and Garņiu st.  The purpose of the quarter is the construction of low-rise individual residential buildings.

UAB Baltic-Research is implementing the project of the Kalvių Pakrante, which aims to create a harmonious architectural and aesthetic appearance. The development aims to provide the houses with modern engineering solutions that would give the settlement a distinctive reputation as an ecological, innovative and ergonomic. All the engineering solutions, from the ring mains electricity network, which ensures an uninterrupted supply of electricity in the event of an emergency, to the water boreholes, which supply water from a depth of more than 120 metres and are installed with precision to ensure that they do not cause unnecessary inconvenience to the future and existing residents.

Baltic Research, as a developer, makes every effort to ensure that the houses are warm and of high quality, and that they can withstand all the challenges of the Lithuanian climate. 100% of the houses we build use renewable energy (air/water – ground/water) heating systems, which have no negative impact on the environment, therefore there are no fumes during the winter in this neighbourhood.

UAB Baltic Research has now fully completed the first, second and third phases of construction in Kalvių Pakrantė on Garņiu, Kiru and Gerviu streets. Only one last house is left unsold.

In Tvenkinio street, the construction of 8 detached houses has been completed. The third phase, which has already begun, consists of 12 houses (9 of which already have buyers) and offers a choice of five housing projects designed exclusively for the neighbourhood.  In 2022, the final phase of Kalvių Pakrante will be launched and the last 12 houses will be built.

UAB Baltic Research offers highly economical (A+ class) and livable single or semi-detached, single-storey or two-storey houses. For more information, please call 867222042 or email administracija@baltic-research.lt

Final stage of Tvenkinio st. 12-14; 24-26

We are finishing building A+ energy class houses in Tvenkinio street.

A+ energy class, A class acoustics, all the services are installed, wooden terrace, fencing, garden tiles, beautiful looking facade. The facility is equipped with MVHR ventilation unit, economical floor heating system. There is an option to choose 85% or 100% completion, 100% being full fit-out.

Tvenkinio st. 12-1 – 79,9 m2 with (6,82a) land. Price 110 000 eur – detached, one-floor house

Sold: Garnių st. 4-1

We are finishing building A+ energy class house. All the services are installed.
The house has two floors, very comfortable and intelligent layout, all the space is used to the maximum. The building meets the highest energy and acoustic performance (according to the regulation, there must be class C acoustics, we have class A acoustics).

Garnių st. 4-1 – 98,33 m2 with (7,62a) land. Price 150 000 eur – semi-detached, one-floor, 100% completion

Sold: Tvenkinio st. 8-10

Construction commenced 2017-10, construction ended 2018-11

Within one year we have built 4 semi-detached and 4 detached A energy class houses.